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Arsene Wenger - he created the legendary Part I

Part I - Youth 
Each career in football began an exploration and by an ability to explore. So, first thing to mention Raymond Hild, nicknamed "Max". Arsene Wenger young Hild discovered when he led the team AS Mutzig, the best amateur club Alsace, to play near the village of Wenger in 1969. 

Childhood in the pub 

Alphonse's father Arsene Wenger is a business dealing in automobile spare parts in Strasbourg, capital of Alsace, the province of northeastern France near the German border. Those 1950, Wenger living in a small village named Duppigheim. The family also owns a bistro called La Croix d'Or in the next village, Duttlenheim, and they spent almost the entire time in the pub. Also in this house, the future of Arsenal coach grew up with his sister and brother. Locked up in four walls, Arsene boy often see many people drinking, light stick for drunk and plenty of the consequences of addiction. Arsene forming one of the central doctrines of his football philosophy: Drunk, or even just to for alcohols touch (with a player) when football-related work is not acceptable get. 

Not much to do in remote Duttlenheim the 1950s, 1960. With the boys, in the village primary school run by the church is familiar. The boy smarter then continue to secondary school in Obernai, about 10km away. And Wenger among the smarter kids. But after school, on weekends, during the holidays, the boy can play and watch soccer. The children also have fun counting the cars sometimes runs through the village. 

By Wenger parents ran a pub, they are very busy and can not always pay attention to their children.But no matter what, because it's a village where people live warm, split and always concerned about the kids. Arsene young devout team loved the village and often into the church to pray for them to win the competition on Sunday. 

Love football 

When not praying, Arsene gathered the children in the village of play. In such a small village, not easy to find well 11 children of the same age. Arsene take weeks to gather a team, but still often have to play short one or two "players". Perhaps at the beginning of the year 1960, Arsene has begun love play speed and strength, qualities that a team needs to be able to fight with more on the Army team. Was it so that later, Arsenal usually play better when one of their players was sent off. 

Wenger youth 

"I felt that as a player, I could be forgotten"
"I do not remember the first time I hit the ball when. But surely that's just a normal day with a French boy. Maybe in 10 or 11 something. So far I can confirm that the age range started too late to become a top professional player. I was completely fascinated by football. However, unlike today, there is a huge gap between the passion for football and become a professional player. At that time, the big club policy not looking for players now and they hardly know about the boy playing in a small village. " 

However, at the age of 12, Arsene can not have the speed or power needed. Qualities pop at Arsene technical and tactical thinking. Jean-Noel Huck, who played for Mutzig (regular competitor win team Duttlenheim village), meanwhile, recalls: "Although 12 years old, Arsene is a very calm and wise player. He is always a technical, a strategist of the team. When playing, Arsene always revealing ideas with a poised style ". 

Arsene has made remarkable progress when entered into the first team FC Duttlenheim at age 16.The exercise only 1 once a week on Wednesday evenings. No coaches to impart tactics and skills but still need someone to look after the training session. On the pitch, though the youngest player in the team and not the captain, but Arsene is the commander. 

Off the pitch, Arsene life very seriously. Even at ages like to experiment and explore, Arsene does not drink alcohol. What players like Arsene or drink is "un Panache" (a beer lemonade). At age 16-17, Arsene and Huck began to hang out together on Sunday evenings. Two problems they experienced little football and girls. 

Period prior to the dance floor disco appear in Alsace rural areas, they are often in the village to attend the dances and festivals. They flirt with the girls, playing for hours on the beach and going out at night, but never later than 2 am. 

Go Mutzig 

Hild discovery Arsene dated 06.05.1969. Hild remember correctly that Arsene is the best player of Duttlenheim: "He was outstanding and I feel he has the potential to go further." 

Arsene played his last game for Duttlenheim on 22.06.1969, having Dannemarie in Haut-Rhin, and they became the third champion of the region. When Arsene started playing for Mutzig, Huck has to decisively Racing shirt. Huck introduced Arsene with two friends the other young professional players, Marco Molitor and Dario Grava. In the quartet is the only one who does not have the ambition to play for the French team, or even a higher third-class amateur tournament. Three other guy is coming to see Arsene play in Mutzig on Sunday. Grava, who played the French team at the 1968 Olympics, said: "Arsene attention to the selection of players and such exercises take place. He recorded a lot. He's like a coach than a player, when at the age of 20! " 

Molitor, Arsene is a football intellectual, interested in every corner of this sport and look at corporate America every thing. Arsene also enjoyed reading about football. 

The truth is that if Arsene nurturing the ambition to become a professional player, it looks like the appearance of Hild's too late. When they met, Arsene still learning the political and economic sectors (first studied medicine briefly) at the University of Strasbourg. 

Hild recalled: "Arsene made a good impression at first contact. He is a very good midfielder. Years later, he was to play for Mutzig in Division 3. Those who hunt for young players as we know it today is not like that. Now the players began to be trained from the age of 13-14. Back then, there is no exact science as it is now. If detected after 15-16 years of age, he may have a good playing career and become outstanding professional player playing in the First Division. " 

The best Hild can make a 20-year-old player has a confirmed place in the first team AS Mutzig. It looks like the slightly larger age is not a matter of Arsene also a pragmatist. Arsene has devoted his life to plan auto parts business. Hild said: "Arsene is not to become a professional player. He took over his father's business in Strasbourg after school ". 

May for Arsene and fortunately for football, in the end, his brother Guy Wenger took over the family business while his brother Arsene continuing education, research, practice, play through 3 clubs and 10 years before taking off on the bench.

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What type of players does Arsene Wenger should sign

Current Arsenal Squad 

GK:         Szczesny, vito mannone, Shea
LB:          Santos, Gibbs. (Ignasi at times)
CB:         Vermaelen, Mertesecker, Koscielny, Ignasi, Djourou, Kyle Bartley
RB:         Sagna, Jenkinson
CDM:     Song, Coquelin, Frimpong
CAM:     Arteta, Rosicky, WIlshere, Ramsey, Diaby, Lansbury, Arshavin (his preferred position)
Wings:     Theo, Gervinho, Podolski, OX, 
Striker:    RVP, Chamakh, Afobe.

Players Coming this season
- Podolski (so far)

Players Leaving Arsenal this summer
Pedro Botelho.

Well lets discuss about our priorities:

Defensive: One quality Sagna's replacement needed. Coquelin doing the job for us as of now. 
                  my opinion: Andreas Beck of 1899 Hoffeinheim

Midfielders: High, Look in the absence of Arteta we have performed poor. We need a proper and quality replacement for Arteta. 
                my opinion: M'Villa of Rennes or Ricky ALvarez

Wingers: We have Theo Walcott, OX, Gervinho, Arshavin, Podolski. Need not worry much about it as Theo and Gervinho have been good but they are inconsistent which I believe they will overcome this season. We dont need anymore Wingers. Remember We have Ryo (on loan to Bolton) and OX 

Forward: Robin Van Persie is currently one of the world best striker who is still to renew his contract. We have Joel Campbell, Chamakh but Can we rely on them? I don' think so. We need a good world class striker, Girioud is who we linked with and I hope he dont disappoints us. We have plenty of youngsters so one signing is just do good.

So We need 1 Right Back, 1 Midfielder Yann M'villa, 1 Striker Girioud
These signing is just needed to make Arsenal good enough to challenge for the title and if this happens before our pre season tour it will be good for us to watch our future stars play

Additional signing to these is just increasing our depth to our squad who we may lose due to lack of games. 

Thank you for reading my blog. Thumbs if you like it and my apologies for my bad english :P
Have a nice day gooners

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Many football fans and journalists alike have tried, and tried again to find an explanation for’s steady fall from grace. Arsene Wenger has seen his side fall from title champions to title challengers, yet recently he has seen his side struggle to make fourth spot in the Premier League standings.
The last trophy Arsenal won was back in 2005, where they beat Manchester United in a penalty shoot out at the Millennium Stadium, nearly 7 years ago. They have however come within touching distance of silverware on a few separate occasions, reaching the Uefa Champions League Final in 2006 yet losing to Barcelona in a very unfortunate fashion. Arsene Wenger’s side also recently reached the 2010 League Cup Final, only to lose to an injury time winner by Birmingham’s Obafemi Martins after a defensive blunder involving Koscielny and a very young and inexperienced Wojciech Szczesny. Since going unbeaten throughout their 2003/2004 campaign, Arsenal have ended their season as runners up only one time, yet they have finished third twice, and fourth four times.
Fingers have been pointed at Wenger, with many Arsenal fans feeling fed up with the lack of real investment by the club to find suitable replacements after the sale of key first team players. The sale of Samir Nasri, who played a crucial part for Arsenal last season, scoring 15 goals and setting up another 5 was met by the low key signing of Yossi Benayoun, who joined the club on a season long loan from rivals Liverpool. Arsenal’s former captain Cesc Fabregas also packed his bags and left for the Nou Camp after months of speculations linking him back to his boyhood club has also been replaced by the much less glamorous Mikel Arteta, who was brought in as a knee jerk reaction on the final day of the transfer window to pave over the cracks that were brutally highlighted by Sir Alex’s Manchester United side after the Red Devil’s put 8 past their hapless opponents at Old Trafford.
Up until 2011, Arsenal had a net spending of just over £-28 million. When compared to the net spending of other clubs from the 2006-2011 period, only Newcastle had a lower net spending than the Gunners, with even bottom league clubs like Wigan, Wolves and Blackpool all ranking higher. While the majority of the blame for the lack of investment has fallen on the club owners, a fair amount of blame has been put on Arsene Wenger, with many believing that the funds are available for him, but he’s just too stubborn to spend on established players, with him depending on much less proven, younger players. It is important to note that, during that same period, Manchester United had a net spending of only £13.5 million through those 5 years.
It is fair to say that the lack of spending from the club has played a massive part in the clubs failure to win any major trophies throughout the last few years, but as always, there are many other variables that play a role in how well a club does over the course of the season. For example, Arsenal’s injury list, more often than not, seems to be twice the size of rival clubs’. Whether this is down to the players being very unfortunate with injuries, or that the manager’s training techniques have resulted in the players becoming easily injured, it is very difficult to identify. Regardless, most analysts see injuries as part of the game and something that the manager must anticipate prior to the season by signing players and strengthening the depth of the squad. This is something Sir Alex  has mastered over recent years, with him adjusting his team selection by playing multiple players out of position to minimise the effects of his missing injured players. A notable example of this is when Michael Carrick was recently used as a centre back vs Wigan in the league, with Antonio Valencia also thrown out of his usual wide midfield role and into right back; United went on to win the game comfortably by five goals to nil.
However, a major point which often seems to be overlooked is the psychological effect put onto the players by their managers. Here, Manchester United and Sir Alex seem to be the most suitable examples to use as a comparison with Arsenal and as both are many similar in terms of spending, or lack off, and managing hefty injury lists.
Whilst Arsene Wenger has felt the need to blame large amounts of his clubs failings on anything but his players, Sir Alex has taken a much different approach. Time after time, Arsene has placed a defeat solely on fatigue, poor refereeing or injuries. On various occasions, Wenger has even blamed his team’s results on the opposition, claiming that their very defensive and direct style of football is unacceptable and unfair.
Like most people, I’m completely against the idea of a manager publicly criticising his players. However, I do feel that over protecting your players will end up having a much more negative effect on the teams form instead of a better one. The reason for this is that it gives the players a sense of security where they feel that no matter how badly they perform, they will not be blamed for the result. If Arsene Wenger is repeatedly blaming their dropped points on anything but the players, those players are then left to perform as poorly as they feel knowing they will be exempt from criticism. Not only does this way of thinking reduce the motivation for the players to perform at the top of their game during every minute that they’re on the pitch, but it also feeds into the players mind and attitude. Such an effect may be the difference between those players playing for a draw and being satisfied with the result instead of going for an injury time winner.
We can see just how important a difference in attitude is by looking at the way Sir Alex sets out his Manchester United side every week. The second the referee blows his whistle for kick off, the manager expects the players to perform at 110% without question. The players fear their position in the team is at risk due to the mammoth expectations placed on the players shoulders by the managers will and desire to win every single game, whether it be League, League Cup or friendly. Knowing just how important winning is at the club, the players will push on even when physically and mentally exhausted, something which I believe is directly linked to how many injury time goals Manchester United score. As the players know that their poor performances will let the manager down, they will give everything at their disposal to please him.
To prove my point, I will use the last time either team suffered a major loss by a large score lines as an example. Whereas Sir Alex blamed his sides defeat in the Manchester derby, claiming that they were ‘suicidal’ when defending, Arsene Wenger felt that his side had ‘ not recovered physically’ from their Champions League game midweek, prior to their 8-2 loss to Manchester United and felt that that was the reason for their humiliating defeat.
This clear distinction between the managers attitude is what has lead to the massive difference in what both managers have won over recent years. While Arsene Wenger has gone 7 years without silverware, Manchester United and Sir Alex have finished as Premier League Champions four times, reached the Champions League final three times and winning it once, as well as winning various other trophies and accolades during that period.
When a manager is willing to accept anything but first place, the players will not perform to the maximum of their potential. If Arsene Wenger is to reinvent his team as title challengers, he must accept that his team is no longer good enough to compete at the very top, and instead invest in the squad. However, more importantly, he must raise his expectations and discipline with the squad.
A team can only be as good as their manager and with Arsene and Sir Alex, Arsenal and Manchester United have two of the best managers to have ever taught the game. However, while one manager has been happy with accepting a top four finish over their recent seasons, the other has asked for nothing less than to end up as Premier League Champions. And how it does tell.

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Stan Kroenke or Usamov?

Stan Vs Usamov
It's real easy to back Usamov, because of the money, but is it that simple?

I know absolutely nothing about him. He has been the major share-holder for some time, and as a fan, what has he bought to the club? Nothing. It could have been Stan, it could have been a monkey. Stan has not shown why he has been willing to spend a large amount of money without making his position clear. Is he here to help the team move move forward, or just to collect on his dividends? The one and only saving grace to Stan's credit is that he has not made any knee-jerk reactions. Looking at other teams, major/solely shareholders buy into a club and make decisions based on their own pre-conceptions. Chelsea have had more managers then Ive had underwear. City sacked Hughes (who was doing a decent job). Hearts have been in trouble since they got rid of Burnley. Blackburn - much as I despise allardyce and his "tactics" - was doing a good job there, until the 7-1 defeat at Trafford - rumour has it the blackburn owners (Venky's) held a "party" that day and were so embarrassed by that the result they sacked allardyce. Having an outsider OWN a club means what he says is law. Stan has not succumbed to that. (Fans, please note this is not a pro/anti wenger post, but one regarding owners). Stan shows stability, and an eye for the future, not immediate results; and the subsequent sacking of managers seen at other clubs.

He brings money to the club. For the last 10,12 years Arsenal have just not been able to compete financially because the board have chosen to re-pay our debt before investing in new/exist moment.
Usamov would wipe that out in a second. He could bring much needed money to the club, and is an apparent fan. He has the backing of David Dein, he could make us "richer" then city, and financially, it would seem that we have no worries.
However, given our last decade of scrimping, and being so close to paying off our stadium, should we have suffered for the last 7 years with no trophy just like that? Chelsea or city, take your pick.... Ive derided both because they are sugar-daddy clubs. They got no history, but they are making history now. Ive laughed at them, dismissing them as toys for the rich.... if Usamov takes over, there is just is no difference between them and us. We will be toys for a uber-rich "fan" of the game.
What happens when abramovich sells? Or the Sheiks at city? At the mo, their wages alone means they would have to sell players to pay player's wages, meaning the money made from sales goes toward wages rather then new players (leeds anyone?)
2014, the FIFA FFP rules come into affect - a law saying you can not spend more money then you earn. What will abramavich do then? After years of throwing money at chelsea, will he say.... "I"m bored? My money is not enough"? The sheiks at city are trying to circumvent that rule - one of the owners other business has reccently sponsered man city for £400 million to get around that rule - Fifa will be looking into this, but no ruling has made at this moment.
Recent going ons between suarez and evra? We cant say sh*t if Usamov takes over. (google him).

I am proud of being in a position where we dont over-spend (rangers? fans that dont know about rangers, they are a scottish team that have won the Scottish PL for the last three years running. Two days ago they went into administration because they over-spent. They now have to pay a possible £75million tax to the tax people..... how will they manage that? by selling players, at the very least!) and we are still considered as being top team. Usamov would change that. We would turn from paupers to dildo's. Pleasuring our owner at his beck and call. That does disgust me.

Yes I would welcome Usamov. I do look at Chelsea and city with envy. But long-term, where will chelsea, city, and even us end up?

The only reason I would back usamov is because of David Dein.
He, more then any other person connected to Arsenal, has been our greatest loss.

Stability vs uncertainty?

Whats your take?

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Always Arsenal Player Ratings

Arsenal 3 - 2 Aston Villa

Played: January 29, 2012 4:00 PM GMT
Emirates Stadium — London
Referee: M. Jones
Attendance: 60019

Goals: Richard Dunne 32′
Darren Bent 45′
54′ (PG) Robin van Persie
56′ Theo Walcott
61′ (PG) Robin van Persie
Player Ratings: Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa:
2 RVP Penalty goal and Theo's fluke Goal overturn the tides of Aston Villa last night which helped us to advance to the next round

Lukasz Fabianski - 5
-It was not his day and unfortunate that his first 'save' from Bent rebounded straight back to the striker. We cant blame him though

Laurent Koscielny - 7.5
-Best Performer for Arsenal this season and he was comfortably out-jumped by Dunne for Villa's goal bur once again looked the most composed and dominant of Arsenal's defenders. Remember he won us the second penalty with his forward moves.

Per Mertesacker - 5
-Worst performance in 1st half, He was caught well out of position during 1st half. but He did played a decent game in the 2nd.

Thomas Vermaelen - 6.5
-He was attacking and a good forward move through the flank. A decent game but he was little jumpy at times in defense

Francis Coquelin - 6
-A promising return from his hamstring injury but he needs to work on his position as he was in trouble whenever Agbonlahor put his foot on the accelerator.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - 7.5
-He did had a good game but He made quite few wrong decision like when to pass or shoot. He was composed and he did had a good possession of the ball. Definitely a guy to look for the future

Aaron Ramsey
- 7.5
-Poor in 1st half but damn good in 2nd. He won the first penalty with his fine run. he provided an excellent and intelligent link between midfield and attack. But he needs to work on his finishing though.

Alexandre Song - 6.5
-Had a good defensive play in the central midfield as he usual goes for attack. He provided the ramsey with his pass which helped us to get a penalty.

Tomas Rosicky - 6
-Some positives form his performance. He is getting fitter but slow pace denies him the penetration and he had a few weak shot. Later He was substituted by Mikel Arteta

Theo Walcott
- 6.5
-Good to see him score even though it was a fluke. He had fair game and He can do better. And again Poor Crosses and penetration.

Robin van Persie - 8
-Star performer for Arsenal. Showed great composure to score two penalties and he outplayed GIVEN on both the occasion. In short He played the captain knock

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Standing in his office, Sir Alex patiently awaits an important phone call. A polite knock on the door and a man’s voice breaks the stillness in the room.

“Alex, you have a call on the private line…”

“Oh, good.” he replied while already in stride towards his desk. “What have you got for me?” he said into the phone as it reached his face.

“Well, he’s up to his usual trickery.” the voice on the phone grumbled. “Had to call in extra tails because of all the switching of vehicles, but we were able to track them all.”

“Fine, you’ll all receive your bonuses.” Sir Alex said hurriedly. “Now who are the targets?”

The sound of ruffling papers crackled through the phone. “Let’s see, Wenger’s scouts seem to be most interested in a youngster at Schalke by the name of Draxler, another at Montpellier named Belhanda, and more importantly, Mathias Suarez a striker at Anderlecht.”

“Fantastic,” said Sir Alex, joyfully interupting as he jotted the information down on a notepad. ” any other teams he’s in contact with on the phone records?” he inquired.

The background sounds coming through the receiver transitioned into the familiar tapping sounds of a keyboard. “Yeah, Wenger has spent quite a bit of time on the line with the teams Fiorentina, Spartak Moskow, CSKA Moskow, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Mönchengladbach and of course Lille.” The man jabbed at the keyboard a couple more times. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to completely trace some of the calls Wenger made to Brazil, Africa and The Middle East…but my sources in Brazil believe they saw one of Wenger’s undercover scouts at the Internacional v Gremio game.”

“Well, Once again you prove to be an indispensable asset, thanks for the work, and your money will be wired shortly.” Sir Alex said before ending the call. Leaning forward in his chair, he pressed the intercom button that connected him with his assistant.

“Yes Sir Alex?” a female voice chirped through the speaker.

“Be a good girl and patch me a conference call with Redknapp, Dalglish, whoever the bloody manager is at Chelsea, and the scarf-wearing Italian on line one would you?” He said in a patronizing tone.

After the conference call, all managers were in accord. All parties agreed to continue feeding the desperate media with as many bait Arsenal Transfer rumours as possible, taking turns outbidding any of Arsene Wengers targets, and paying other teams to make bids on current quality Arsenal players. Dalglish had voiced his worry about Wenger acquiring the Anderlecht striker Suarez; but Sir Alex assured the others that even if Wenger somehow miraculously managed to sign Mathias Suarez, despite all their obstacles, that he would just arrange another “Eduardo” incident.

As the day was getting late, Sir Alex perused his weekly planner to see if he missed anything.

“Oh yeah,” he murmured to himself. He had forgotten to wire the money that Juventus wanted for their participation in unnerving Theo Walcott. As well as the funds that needed to go out to all of the bloggers that are posing as Arsenal supporters (adam kemp & company), who play a critical role in turning Arsenal Fans against each other, convincing readers to be pessimists, spreading negativity and destabilizing the support for the team.

The End,

Always Arsenal

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Arsenal 1-2 Man United

In an eagerly anticipated match where two of the best teams the premiership has ever had faced off in a crucial match for both teams. Arsenal had to win to close the gap on fourth placed Chelsea, while Manchester United needed the win to keep up the chase that had been set by city rivals Manchester city, a chase that had been further increased after city’s last gasp win over Tottenham Hotspur.

The match started well for Arsenal however a resolute Manchester United defence proved hard to break down for the gunners. Arsenal maintained pressure without ever creating any real clear cut chances and as a result Manchester United started to find their feet, eventually taking over the first half reigns that had been first se by Arsenal. Manchester United showed their metal by going onto create chances in the first half and deservedly taking the lead on the stroke of half time, with the goal coming at the worst possible time for Arsene Wengers men.

The second was a different story and Arsenal played a lot better spurning a couple chances to equalize with the heart of Arsenal, Robin Van Persie, spurning the easiest of them chances when he decided to put his laces through the ball rather than place it into a corner. A shot on goal that should have made it 1-1. Aaron Ramsey also missed a good chance to equalize when he managed to slide past a couple of United defenders but only to see his shot blaze over the bar. Arsenal started to increase the pressure and it looked likely an equalizer was going to happen, and it did. Alex oxlade chamberlain, who had been a constantly running at the United defence found a gap and passed the ball to Van Persie who shot it through the legs of the onrushing defender to score past lindegaard, off the post.

Arsenal were now looking for the winning goal but never really created anything and this was further hampered by the removal of the ever popular Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain, much to the dismay of the Arsenal faithful. The player coming on, however, didn’t lighten the mood of taking Chamberlain off as the not so popular Andrey Arshavin came on for him. The substitution even proved bemusing to leading goal scorer Van Persie. Arshavin’s form this season has not been good especially when compared to the form he showed when he first joined Arsenal and was scoring goals like he did at previous club Zenit. This substitution proved crucial as Antonio- Valencia broke into the Arsenal penalty box with Arshavin failing to halt the run when it can be said he should have done better. Valencia cut the ball back to Danny Welbeck who dispatched the shot from inside the box to give United the lead with 10 minutes to go. Arsenal failed to create any clear cut chances in the remaining 10 minutes and the United defence stayed strong to give them a crucial 3 points in their chase for a 20th premier league title.

This loss could prove suicidal for Arsenal football club as they remain 5 points behind Chelsea and a 10 points behind North London rivals Tottenham. Could this loss be the pivotal factor in them failing to qualify for the champions league, finishing behind Tottenham and could it be even further pivotal by failing to keep fans favourite and top scorer Robin Van Persie?