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Arsene Wenger - he created the legendary Part I

Part I - Youth 
Each career in football began an exploration and by an ability to explore. So, first thing to mention Raymond Hild, nicknamed "Max". Arsene Wenger young Hild discovered when he led the team AS Mutzig, the best amateur club Alsace, to play near the village of Wenger in 1969. 

Childhood in the pub 

Alphonse's father Arsene Wenger is a business dealing in automobile spare parts in Strasbourg, capital of Alsace, the province of northeastern France near the German border. Those 1950, Wenger living in a small village named Duppigheim. The family also owns a bistro called La Croix d'Or in the next village, Duttlenheim, and they spent almost the entire time in the pub. Also in this house, the future of Arsenal coach grew up with his sister and brother. Locked up in four walls, Arsene boy often see many people drinking, light stick for drunk and plenty of the consequences of addiction. Arsene forming one of the central doctrines of his football philosophy: Drunk, or even just to for alcohols touch (with a player) when football-related work is not acceptable get. 

Not much to do in remote Duttlenheim the 1950s, 1960. With the boys, in the village primary school run by the church is familiar. The boy smarter then continue to secondary school in Obernai, about 10km away. And Wenger among the smarter kids. But after school, on weekends, during the holidays, the boy can play and watch soccer. The children also have fun counting the cars sometimes runs through the village. 

By Wenger parents ran a pub, they are very busy and can not always pay attention to their children.But no matter what, because it's a village where people live warm, split and always concerned about the kids. Arsene young devout team loved the village and often into the church to pray for them to win the competition on Sunday. 

Love football 

When not praying, Arsene gathered the children in the village of play. In such a small village, not easy to find well 11 children of the same age. Arsene take weeks to gather a team, but still often have to play short one or two "players". Perhaps at the beginning of the year 1960, Arsene has begun love play speed and strength, qualities that a team needs to be able to fight with more on the Army team. Was it so that later, Arsenal usually play better when one of their players was sent off. 

Wenger youth 

"I felt that as a player, I could be forgotten"
"I do not remember the first time I hit the ball when. But surely that's just a normal day with a French boy. Maybe in 10 or 11 something. So far I can confirm that the age range started too late to become a top professional player. I was completely fascinated by football. However, unlike today, there is a huge gap between the passion for football and become a professional player. At that time, the big club policy not looking for players now and they hardly know about the boy playing in a small village. " 

However, at the age of 12, Arsene can not have the speed or power needed. Qualities pop at Arsene technical and tactical thinking. Jean-Noel Huck, who played for Mutzig (regular competitor win team Duttlenheim village), meanwhile, recalls: "Although 12 years old, Arsene is a very calm and wise player. He is always a technical, a strategist of the team. When playing, Arsene always revealing ideas with a poised style ". 

Arsene has made remarkable progress when entered into the first team FC Duttlenheim at age 16.The exercise only 1 once a week on Wednesday evenings. No coaches to impart tactics and skills but still need someone to look after the training session. On the pitch, though the youngest player in the team and not the captain, but Arsene is the commander. 

Off the pitch, Arsene life very seriously. Even at ages like to experiment and explore, Arsene does not drink alcohol. What players like Arsene or drink is "un Panache" (a beer lemonade). At age 16-17, Arsene and Huck began to hang out together on Sunday evenings. Two problems they experienced little football and girls. 

Period prior to the dance floor disco appear in Alsace rural areas, they are often in the village to attend the dances and festivals. They flirt with the girls, playing for hours on the beach and going out at night, but never later than 2 am. 

Go Mutzig 

Hild discovery Arsene dated 06.05.1969. Hild remember correctly that Arsene is the best player of Duttlenheim: "He was outstanding and I feel he has the potential to go further." 

Arsene played his last game for Duttlenheim on 22.06.1969, having Dannemarie in Haut-Rhin, and they became the third champion of the region. When Arsene started playing for Mutzig, Huck has to decisively Racing shirt. Huck introduced Arsene with two friends the other young professional players, Marco Molitor and Dario Grava. In the quartet is the only one who does not have the ambition to play for the French team, or even a higher third-class amateur tournament. Three other guy is coming to see Arsene play in Mutzig on Sunday. Grava, who played the French team at the 1968 Olympics, said: "Arsene attention to the selection of players and such exercises take place. He recorded a lot. He's like a coach than a player, when at the age of 20! " 

Molitor, Arsene is a football intellectual, interested in every corner of this sport and look at corporate America every thing. Arsene also enjoyed reading about football. 

The truth is that if Arsene nurturing the ambition to become a professional player, it looks like the appearance of Hild's too late. When they met, Arsene still learning the political and economic sectors (first studied medicine briefly) at the University of Strasbourg. 

Hild recalled: "Arsene made a good impression at first contact. He is a very good midfielder. Years later, he was to play for Mutzig in Division 3. Those who hunt for young players as we know it today is not like that. Now the players began to be trained from the age of 13-14. Back then, there is no exact science as it is now. If detected after 15-16 years of age, he may have a good playing career and become outstanding professional player playing in the First Division. " 

The best Hild can make a 20-year-old player has a confirmed place in the first team AS Mutzig. It looks like the slightly larger age is not a matter of Arsene also a pragmatist. Arsene has devoted his life to plan auto parts business. Hild said: "Arsene is not to become a professional player. He took over his father's business in Strasbourg after school ". 

May for Arsene and fortunately for football, in the end, his brother Guy Wenger took over the family business while his brother Arsene continuing education, research, practice, play through 3 clubs and 10 years before taking off on the bench.

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